Automatismes en élevage, alimentation, ventilation et chauffage

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New update – Materneo 8S

More meals, better management ! Using a pneumatic wheel or electric screw feeder, each ration is delivered in small quantities (100 to 200g) according to the animal’s appetite and ingestion


The Selfifeeder for fattening pigs

Deployed for fattening pigs, the Selfifeeder GFI feeding station controls the quality and quantity of feed distributed as well as the weight of each animal. Equipped with an identification system,


Optimat Air : Feed + water !

Optimat is the multiphase system of Asserva. It works with a classical disk chain (Optimat Mechanic) or with a pneumatic system, where the feed is pushed by air (Optimat Air).


Selfi-DNA, New testing station

For more than 15 years, close to the research and experimental farms in France and in Europe, Asserva develops an important tool pack to answer the specific requests from public