Multiphase feeding system

Multiphase feeding distribution for your animals in post-weaning.

The Optimat concept is the best choice for dry feed distribution for pigs. Optimat prepares the meal for each feeder. The good type of feeds and the quantities according to the feeding plan and according to the number of pigs.

The advantages of liquid feed into a dry feeding system. The Optimat system transfers each meal with flexible auger or chain to the
rooms and to the feeders.

Improve your performance thanks to multiphase feeding in post-weaning in your farm.

Mechanical or pneumatic, with or without mix, for dry or moist feed, multiphase dry feed concept can adapt to the different needs of distribution and patterns of your farm.

To sum it up, each feeder has one feed quantity, defined and weighed in accordance with the feeding plan. 

The system prepares and personalizes the daily portion at the crate in one or more meals. To do so, two tanks are installed with the multiphase system. The first tank weighs (+ option : mixes) and the second tank distributes. 

This process enables to prepare the portions in a short amount of time compared to distribution and thus, to save time. The distribution can be done in two ways : mechanically or pneumatically, according to the feed type (dry or wet) and to your needs.

Distribution pneumatique post-sevrage - Asserva
  • Weighed and calibrated distribution at the crate.

  • Effective management of a “multiphase” feeding plan.

  • A precise feeding plan with several feed formulas.

  • Automatic feed transition.

  • High feed distribution precision from 1 kg to 50 kg per preparation.

  • Time savings between feed production.

  • End of manual control of the drop pipe per feeder.

  • A daily feed quantity divided in several meals per day.

  • System adapted to each type and size of farm.
  • Network connectable system (remote management).

For farmer's convenience

With optimat multiphase solution, the farmer manages with accuracy the distributed quantities and portions. Thanks to this automatic system, they save time and money. They can easily and automatically go from of a first age feed to a second age feed.

For animal's welfare

The distribution developed at the crate and organised into different meals bring the daily feed energy and stimulate the consumption with fresh portions. It enables to have transition periods. It improves growth and reduces digestive problems. ​

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