Liquid feed for pigs

Soup distribution for farrowing, gestating or fattening of your breeding !

For more than 40 years, Asserva has been designing and manufacturing soup vending machines with the latest, the Mutilfeeder, resulting from this experience. This product, easy to use, is very scalable and meets both small and large farm sizes, as well as on-farm production.

Improve your performance with our solutions for soup management in your farm.

An architectured concept around one or more supervisory PCs hosting the breeding database, as well as a very efficient ergonomic human machine interface.

Indeed, this supervisor controls tasks outsourced to different controllers that may be involved.

Preparation and distribution concept system : Asserva offers several types of tanks to meet the specificities of your farm: stainless steel, polyester or rotomoulded to ensure the hygiene and quality of the food.

They are equipped with a slow stainless steel mixer and a variator that takes into account the filling rate of the tank.

Multifeeder - Alimentation soupe porcs - elevage - Asserva
  • Individualized feed management of sows.

  • Simultaneous preparations according to the required dosing accuracy (kg, hecto, gram).

  • Distribution during preparations

  • A management and preparations masked time medications by Medi_Sat.

  • Modular tank capacities according to the needs.

  • Transfer pumps in reinforced stainless steel.

  • Collector screw that promotes the transfer of food to the soup machine

  • Several types of tank (stainless steel, polyester or rotomoulded).

  • Separation of menus (distribution of various foods).

  • Soup distribution in farrowing (specific valve, with or without probe).

  • Distribution in gestation

  • Distribution in fattening and weaning (with or without probe).

  • Network connectable controller (remote management).

  • Data transfer on tablets or smartphone.

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