Sorting and weighing station

Effective solution to manage fattening pigs in large group

Manage to control the fattening pigs in large group, ORDISAT system permit to optimize the building area with an automatic slaughter selection.

Ordisat - Asserva - tri des animaux

Improve the management of fattening pigs with the Ordisat concept facilitating the sorting and weighing of your animals.

Designed to manage fattening pigs in large groups, the Ordisat concept enables a differentiated feed and improves the animal sorting. 

The station will send the animal to the right feeding space (dry or wet ) according to their weight (growers and finishers). 

At the end of the batch, Ordisat automatically sorts the pigs that reached the weight requirements defined by slaughterhouse.

Ordisat - Asserva - tri des animaux
  • The end of the manual selection.

  • An automatic and precise selection of pig ready for slaughter house.
  • Save time save labor cost.

  • Better added-value
  • Easy daily growth control via Ordisat software.

  • Streamline of living space.

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