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Solutions to enhance the output of your livestock and reduce odor nuisance !

Innovation is also found in the concepts of ventilation. That’s why, since 1978, Asserva attaches particular importance to the research and development of new systems, optimized, efficient and more economical to improve the atmosphere of the rooms and the comfort of your animals.

Sortie d'air bâtiment - élevage

Improve your performance and odor management with our solutions for the air outlet of your farm.

Chimneys : Chimneys are the best economic system. An utomatic flow reducer controls the ventilation during winter.

Centralized ventilation (Click here to discover the concept )This concept centralizes all the air outlets in one place and to add complementary solutions such as air purification, air freshener and heat recovery. 

At Asserva, centralized ventilation also provides for the recovery of calories from the outlet air. With an air / water heat pump, the recovered calories are sent to maternity wards or weaning rooms. The cost price of this equipment is the most economical on the market.

Air wash : This concept traps the odorant particles in the air with water saturation to reduce significantly the odour nuisances outside the farm.

  • Individualisation of the rooms.

  • Suitable for the types of animals on your farm.

  • An optimized room control.

  • Energy savings.

  • Reduction of the diffusion of odors outside the breeding.

  • Decrease of olfactory nuisances.

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