Automatism equipement and feeding systems for livestock

Since 1978, Asserva has strived to design, develop, manufacture, install and offer after-sales services in the field of automation solutions and feeding methods for rearing swine, cattle and poultry. 

Digitalised work systems to provide better working conditions to breeders while preserving animal welfare in several fields.

Since 2008, Asserva has applied its technical expertise to improve heating methods for livestock buildings.

Our fields

  • Dry and liquid feed distribution.
  • Unique automatic and individual feeding systems (ESF station, smart, farrowing feeder).
  • Personalised stations for laboratories, institutes or private companies.
  • Livestock building ventilation and heating.
  • Venti-clean, air washing module.
  • Processing of animal manure (air cleaning and filtration, manure treatment plant).



Materneo is an automatic distribution and control system for feeding and watering management of farrowing sows.


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Discover the solution for the distribution and manufacture of calf milk.

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