Air inlet in rooms


Several options available to fit your building configuration, your needs and the age of your animals. 

Innovation is also found in the concepts of ventilation. That’s why, since 1978, Asserva has been focusing on the research and development of new, optimized, efficient and cost-effective systems to improve room ambience and the comfort of your animals.

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Improve your performance thanks to our solutions for air management in the rooms of your farm.

Shutters or hatches : Asserva propose an air control managed by traps or shutters, relevant to fan voltage. Traps or shutters are controlled and programmed  according to your farm needs . 

Diffuser ceiling : A control manages the depression to perfectly control air circuits perfectly before airing the rooms with diffuser ceilings. 

Air inlet posts : With a precise regulation, ventilation ensures a constant air velocity at the post exit.. It guarantees a perfect mix between fresh and warm air in the room. 

Air inlet duct : Asserva offers a range of flexible sheaths for air inlet. This new washable and technical sheath is often used in industry. It adapts perfectly to farm rooms. Easy to installed in existing farms and economic, this sheath does not require excessive installation work.

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  • Management of the entry speed.

  • Control of the flow of air at the convenience of the breeder.

  • Management of the air intake room by room.

  • Simplicity of air inlet management.

  • Adaptation to all types of buildings.

  • Uniform diffusion of air in the room.

  • Constant air speed at the exit of the posts.

  • Fresh air diffusion in summer period thanks to a low air inlet. 

  • Allows cold incoming air to be mixed with the hot air cushion located under the ceiling.

  • Easy installation.

  • Economical solution for new or existing building.

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