Selfifeeder DNA


Automatic feeding system with pig growth and individual consumption control

The new Asserva test station, Selfifeeder DNA, is designed and conceived for farmers and genetic companies to analyze precisely the feed behaviour and growth of each animal.

Selfifeeder DNA complete management of fattening pigs

The Selfifeeder DNA is used for animals from 25 to 130 kg. Up to 15 animals can be fed by one station, in ad-libitum. Thanks to the RFID detection system, the animal is identified as soon as he enters inside the station. His weight, feed consumption and feed behaviour are precisely measured.

The data of each visit of each animal are automatically transfered on the PC computer. In real time, the farmer can have access to the stations and their historics. All the files can be easily sent to an internal network or an external cloud.

  • Make the feed and weight control easier to manage.

  • Precise feeding control

  • Individual control of the zootechnical performances.
  • Indivual growth and average daily gain (ADG), in real time.

  • Easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Connexion to tablet and smartphone with a dedicated app and automatic transfer of data.

For the farmer

- Easy learning time.

- Easy and quick daily management, on the PC software or through the smartphone app inside the rooms.

- Minimum maintenance : only 1 electric motor, no sensor, no pneumatic system required.

- Automatic weight calibration and update.

For the data manager

Direct remote access to the software installed on farm Daily tracking of results, animal per animal (eartag and work number) :

- number of visits, and time per visit
- daily consumption
- average daily weight
- average daily gain.

Automatic transfer of data in personalized file (Excel, CSV, SQL, webservice, etc.)

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