Centralized ventilation


The solution to facilitate the treatment of air and to limit the constraints between the rooms of your breeding !

Innovation is also found in the concepts of ventilation. Since 1978, Asserva attaches particular importance to the research and development of new optimized, efficient and more economical systems to make the atmosphere of the rooms and the comfort of your animals.

Ventilation centralisée - Asserva

Easy regulation, multipurpose and technical

The centralized ventilation concept is defined by a common exit of the air. It is fitted with depression sensor to manage the fans.

Each room will be ventilated according its own needs and air outlet will be synchronized to avoid the differences between the rooms. 

​Air washing can be add to centralized ventilation outlet. This concept reduce the unpleasant smells and dust.

It allow to  recover the calories from the outside air to heat post-weaning or farrowing rooms. The fans are fitted with  frequency converter to save electric consumption.

Trappes d'entrée d'air - ventilation - Asserva
  • Reduction of the odors of the breeding.

  • Less maintenance to perform unlike a conventional system.

  • Evolution on air treatments.

  • Recovery of calories.

  • Energy saving

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