Dry feed


Asserva​ brings different solutions and effective equipment for dry feeding of pigs. 

The dry food chain is often a simple and effective way to automatically manage the feed of pig farms. 

Adapted to all breeding situations (goat, pregnant, maternity, post-weaning, nurseries).

Alimentation sèche - Asserva

Improve your performance with our solutions for dry feed management in your farm.

The range is developed by Asserva in close partnership with various manufacturers such as brands such as VDL or ROTECNA, allows Asserva today to offer two types of systems for the management of dry food and feed dosing for pigs: by cable or pellet chain.

Alimentation sèche - Asserva
  • Metric dispenser with pear or paddle with access hatch.
  • Ideal for installations with many short lines or medium/long lines.

  • Ø50, 60, 63 mm.
  • Stainless steel drive unit.

  • Bends for automatic chain system.

  • Spiral feeding system.

  • Silo extraction pipes for automatics chain system.

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