Selfifeeder GFI


The unique solution to feed individually the fatteners in multiphase and restricted way

Equipped with an identification system and 2 feed hoppers, the Selfifeeder GFI allows animals to be fed from the same group with a feed typ and the quantity corresponding to the nutritional requirements of each animal.

The objective of this equipment is to provide the right typ and quantities of feed to the right animal at the right time. Thanks to Asserva Algorythm, this station can feed up to 35 animals per pen from 20 to 130 kg.

Improve your performance with our feed management solutions for fattening pigs

Feed distribution management.
The Seflifeeder GFI station allows a rationed multi-phase feed supply with two feeds available simultaneously per pen. Thanks to the pig scale system, the Selfifeeder GFI offers the possibility of allocating the daily ration of each animal according to the diet plan defined according to its weight.

Pig ready to go identified

The station is equipped with a paint marker : at the end of the fattening time, the scale can be used to paint the pigs with the good weight selected for slaughter house.

Improvement of the performance.

With the Selfifeeder GFI station and its technologies permits to improve the feed efficiency :

– The feed conversion ratio and the growth are improved.
– The feed formulas plan is individual and more accurate
– The feed waste is completly delete.

Data control.

Moreover, the Selfifeeder GFI provides an analysis of the feeding behavior by identifying the number, feed time and hours of the animal’s visits as well as the quantity of feed distributed per visit and the feeding rate.

Thanks to the analysis of there data, the Selfifeeder GFI provides the farmer with a predictive answer regarding the animal’s futur weight.

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