The solution for an individual feeding and watering management for farrowing sows

With the Materneo feeding system, Asserva extends its Selfifeeder concept on lactating sows. Materneo is the fruit of the trust placed in us by breeders, and Asserva’s desire to provide effective solutions.

The objective is to prepare the animal for its next farrowing, to improve its lactation and to eliminate feed waste.

Materneo offers a complete farrowing management with a programmable and individualized distribution.

With a pneumatic wheel dispenser which measures feed, each portion is delivered in small doses (100 to 200g) according to the animal appetite and its ingestion rythm. The TIT System (Trough Inspection Technology) in the bottom of the trough enables the distribution of the feed each time it detects an empty trough.

The sows eat at their own pace and appetite according to their feeding curve – with no wasted feed. Each dose is delivered with a water dose. Between meals, water distribution curves can be preset.

The daily water portion is also delivered in small quantities. Thus, the sow always has fresh water in the trough. These elements improves the sow consumption and lactation.

But, the Materneo system doesn’t stop here and can go even further. It is able to control the silos supply and to detect the farrowing with a special camera. In a nutshell, Materneo is an utter concept for farrowing management.

Logiciel maternéo - Asserva
  • Individual & evolutive feeding plans according to the needs of each sow.

  • Dispense precision from 3 to 5 grams.
  • Adapted distribution to each animal life stage
  • Distribution of two different feeds
  • Water control different from feed control.

  • Automatic distribution of water in micro-doses in order to improve animals water intakes.

  • A feed dose is dispensed and the bottom level probes detect when the sow consumes it. The advantage of always having clean troughs and no food waste.
  • Possibility of dividing the feeding into different meals during the day, with different feeding curves.

  • Preset and evolutive dilution rate
  • Simple pneumatic system

  • Easy maintenance (no engine).

  • Easy monitoring thanks to reports of consumption by sows and warning lights on each doser.
  • Cameras provide farrowing notifications. Fitted with an image analysis system, they report how many and which sows are farrowing.

  • A computer centralises all data, which can be accessed remotely using a tablet or smartphone.
Maternéo - Alimentation des truies en maternité - Asserva

For farmer's convenience

As a real performance tool, Materneo makes feeding management for farrowing sows easier. The breeder doesn't need to drain, to clean the troughs nor to set manual feeders. It has consumption alerts and can be managed remotely. Materneo improves working conditions and saves time to the breeder so that they can focus on their core business : the animals.

For animal welfare

Materneo offers various zootechnical benefits. On the one hand, moist feed distribution by micro-doses according to the animal eating pace boosts the intake. The aim is to wean the sow, so it can be ready for its next cycle. On the other hand, feed savings as well as water management are undeniably strong assets for a good lactation.

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