Our experience

Since 1978, Asserva has been designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and providing after-sales service for automated feeding systems for pig, calves and poultry livestock .

Passion : research and development of concepts at the service of the breeder.

Vocation : to meet the challenges of performance, profitability and work comfort necessary for the competitiveness of its clients’ businesses.

Role : understand, translate, anticipate the expectations of breeders to facilitate their breeding. 4500 customers in France and abroad trust she.

Our activity fields

  • Livestock : pig, calves, food factories, ventilation and effluent management.
  • Energy : geothermal, aerothermal, wood, gas and oil boilers and methanisation.
  • Industry : precision weighing, dosing and microdosing, custom automation, RFID / access control, liquid and solid dispensing, water treatment, material transport, ventilation and filtration.

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