Selfifeeder GES

Feeding system for gestating sows in group

A feeding solution for gestating sows in group with controlled access and feeding.

Inventor of the concept in 2009 and with more than 500 farms equipped,
ASSERVA provides with Selfifeeder GES stations an innovative and the best alternative solution for the feeding of gestating sows in group.

The Selfifeeder GES concept is fully in line with European standards for sow welfare.

Asserva, with the Selfifeeder GES, provides an alternative and innovative solution to manage the gestating sows feeding in group. Unlike ESF stations, the Selfifeeder GES reduces waiting times, lowers stress and makes the sows easier to manage, static batch by static batch. 

With a lower cost and an easier mechanical system, the Selfifeeder GES concept has 3 to 4 times more feeders than an ESF station. The sow that is allowed to access to feeding enters one of the feeders and is directly isolated from the rest of the animals by an automatic back gate. 

A RFID antenna recognizes the animal electronic chip and distribute the feed, according to the feeding plan. 

The next measure will follow as soon as the level sensors will detect that the trough is empty, and so on, until the complete ingestion of the daily allowance. Distribution is adapted for each sow without any feed stolen or wasted.

Selfifeeder - Asserva
  • Individual feed for sows.

  • No feed competition between the sows.

  • A distribution that adapts to the rhythm of each sow without waste.

  • The ability to distribute two different foods( dry or soup).

  • The choice in livestock driving: static or dynamic.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • A simple installation with little mechanics.
  • A pneumatic dispenser with a precision of 5 g.

  • The possibility of automated and individualized supplementation.
  • Detection of return in heat.
  • Optimised use of space (-20%).

  • Lower installation costs.

For breeder comfort

Easy to use, the friendly Selfifeeder GES software permits to program the sow feeding plan and to follow each distribution. The software gives information and alerts the farmer in any case: sow under consumption, detection of return in heat, etc.

For animal welfare

The Selfifeeder permits to increase the body condition of the sow due to their personalized feeding plan.The evolutive feeding plan also permits to improve the birth with heavy and more piglets. The several troughs available reduce significantly the stress due to waiting time. The Selfifeeder ensures a peaceful group of sows.

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