The filter group to improve the sanitary conditions of your livestock building!

Filtranet is a filtration unit in stainless steel, in an insulated and soundproof box. Based on the analysis of your needs and constraints, the new filter group was developed by the Asserva research and development team.

Filtranet - groupe filtrant - Asserva

Air filtration: the sanitary asset of your farm

Result of analyzing the breeder’s needs and constraints, Filtranet combines ease of use and maintenance. Sanitary asset of your farm, Filtranet is also economical with its low electrical consumption.

Reliable, Filtranet is set up on a double turbine, has a sliding G4 pre filter and enables to easily mount the filters. Its use and maintenance are easier, in the service of the breeders, thanks to a remote access and control by internet or wifi.

Filtranet has an insulated and soundproof box, to improve working conditions of breeders, and offer a quieter environment to animals.

Frequency converters are used to control regulation and limit the electrical consumption: Filtranet can provide from 20 to 35% of energy savings: over 10 years it represents the funding of a new filtration group.

Filtranet - groupe filtrant - Asserva
  • Improved technical performance.

  • 100% of the air is filtered before entering the building.

  • Less pathology transmission between buildings.
  • Improvement of animal welfare.

  • Better growth of animals.

  • Insulated box provides a less noisy environment to animals.
  • Healthier buildings.

  • Improved working conditions.
  • A saving on the cost of maintenance but also the time of manpower that you devote to it.

  • 20 to 30% energy savings.

  • Reduction of veterinary fees.
  • Remote control of the installation by internet and wifi.

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