Manure management


Management and treatment of effluents

Since 1978, Asserva has been designing, installing and providing after-sales services for effluent treatment plants. This acquired experience, allows us today to provide you with a set of solutions including pumps, mixers and phase separators.

Improve the management of your livestock effluents with reliable and robust systems.

Since 1978, Asserva company sized, install and provide after-sales service of effluents treatment systems. This experience gained, allow us to make you solutions, including : 

Pumps and slat floor mixers propose by Asserva can be equiped of: 

  • Gallows
  • Gateways stainless steel

Thus, they can be adapted according to your needs, your installs and farm plan.

Phase separator proposed by Asserva are studied therewithavoid leaks of de digestate unprocessed during equipement activity. Futhermore, systems allow to prevent the install time stop and thus, to reduce maintenance time.

Séparateurs de phases - traitement du lisier - Asserva
  • An experiment since 1978 in the installation of equipment dedicated to the manure management in breeding.

  • Custom study for all projects.

  • Maintenance and after-sales service near your installation thanks to our troubleshooting teams.

  • The availability of spare or replacement parts.

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