Economic ventilation


The solution to ventilate your livestock while saving energy!

Innovation is also found in the concepts of ventilation. Since 1978, Asserva attaches particular importance to the research and development of new optimized, efficient and more economical systems to make the atmosphere of the rooms and the comfort of your animals.

Ventilation économique - Asserva

Make energy savings with economic ventilation

Very involved in energy saving, Asserva offers three innovative solutions to reduce the electrical consumption of ventilation systems:

Electrical system «LED » : Asserva offers a range of electric “LED”. We have selected a range of sturdy products which are adapted for aggressive environments.

SAT 4 : It is compatible with fans already installed and allows to do 71% of energy saving.

IFD regulation : It is compatible with fans already installed and allows to do 72% of energy saving.

IFD fan : Coupled with two new ECPlus fans, it can do 85% of energy saving. 

ventilation économique - Asserva
  • Wood boilers

  • Heat pumps

  • Gas or oil boilers with low energy consumption.

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