Heating systems


Improving animal comfort and atmosphere in your farm !

Innovation is also found in the concepts of ventilation. That’s why, since 1978, Asserva has been focusing on the research and development of new, optimized, efficient and cost-effective systems to improve room ambience and the comfort of your animals.

Improve your performance and the comfort of your animals with our heating systems.

Atmosphere : Atmosphere heating helps to reduce the calorie deficit induced by the room ventilation in fresh periods. This  caloric supplement keeps atmosphere quality and preserves preserves the good sanitary conditions of the farm.

Spot heating : Spot heating is the best economic system with a sensor which controls the temperature. This solution is available in two electric versions : radiant or infrared lamp.

Heating plate : Adapted to ensure that piglets have a good digestive activity. Lying on the ground, the heating plate offers them a very comfortable place.

Chauffage aérothermie - élevage - Asserva énergies
  • Increase in consumption indices

  • Amélioration du poids des animaux.

  • Increased lactation for sows.

  • Piglets heavier and stronger.

  • Maintains the optimum temperature.

  • Improved comfort and welfare of animals.

  • Improved sanitary conditions.

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