Completely new way of feeding pigs

The solution for individualized food monitoring of your piglets in post-weaning and fattening.

Asserva, through the “Pig-Insight” concept, created a small revolution by extending its technology of food tracking by RFID identification of sows to piglets in post-weaning.

The company’s aim is to provide breeders with tools that meet the societal expectations of traceability.

Improving meat quality by individual follow-up of feed and water consumption.

For financial, ethical and environmental reasons, pig health management is essential. Breeders are already aware of these issues, however they continue to face the impossibility of curing individually the diseased animal. 

Indeed, when a breeder notices a pathology, usually about 20% of the animals are already affected. Furthermore, treatments by drinking water or with a dosing pump require to treat the entire lot, even the entire room.

Pig-Insight is a precision livestock farming technology for piglets and fattening pigs. Each pig is recognized by its chip and fed as per its feeding curve.

By watching and adjusting the consumption of feed and water per animal, Pig-Insight is the first individual predictive method to prevent pathologies. First of all, it enables to reduce veterinary costs. Then it can also improve sanitary conditions and thus boost animal technical performances. 

Pig-Insight is a precision feeding system: it avoids competition between pigs at the troughs, by giving feed that meets the requirements of each animal, in terms of quantity and quality. 

The result is a more homogeneous batch, with a better muscle percentage. It also enables a better traceability in the meat production process.

Pig-insight - détection précoce des pathologies - Asserva
  • Follow automatically the feed and water consumption in real time.

  • Controlled rations for each animal.

  • Predictive method of appearance and development of pathologies

  • Individual targeting of medication treatments.

  • Significant reduction of veterinary costs.

  • A system of health alert.

  • Complete traceability.

  • Meet valorization.

For farmer's convenience

With predictive detection of pathologies, the breeders can anticipate individual treatments and reduce the contamination among other animals. The intakes variations can also be an indicator of a bad atmosphere in the room. Thus Pig-Insight is a tool which helps to manage performances and to improve sanitary conditions and pigs value with a better traceability.

For animal welfare

Pig-Insight improves the sanitary welfare of animals, synonymous to technical performances. This concept detects diseased animals and avoids collective treatments.

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