New installation at SCEA DENIEUL

On September 8, 2023, SCEA DENIEUL held an open house. The day was an opportunity to present in detail the advanced facilities and equipment at the pig farm.

The building has been designed to provide optimal living conditions for the animals:

  • 80 places in the farrowing room, equipped with welfare crate to ensure the sows’ well-being
  • 223 places mating
  • 2,320 post-weaning places with slatted floors heated by lisiothermics, to promote piglet growth and well-being.
  • 3,800 fattening pens with air inlets equipped with Cooling to regulate temperature and create an optimal environment.

The best equipment installed to guarantee efficient breeding and respect for animal welfare:

  • The best equipment installed to guarantee efficient breeding and respect for animal welfare:
  • Feeding is carefully managed with the Multifeeder system, used to feed sows in the gestating, quarantine and fattening stages.
  • The pneumatic Multiphase (Optimat) is used for post-weaning, with liquid feed mix at the trough in the farrowing pens.
  • The quarantine area is equipped with Delta fin heaters powered by a condensing gas boiler to guarantee optimum conditions.
  • The hot water plates are supplied by lisiothermie.
  • Drying and pre-heating of rooms (farrowing, gestating, mating, fattening) are carried out by HEOSS gas unit heaters to ensure a comfortable environment for the animals.
  • Economical ventilation controlled by the Digiclim NG touchscreen controller ensures an ideal atmosphere for animal well-being.
  • The Humiclim system cools the farrowing, gestating, mating and fattening rooms.

An open day gave visitors the chance to get a close-up view of this equipment, which testifies to SCEA DENIEUL’s commitment to animal welfare and performance.

Many thanks to SCEA DENIEUL for their trust and hospitality during the day.


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