New Selfifeeder GFI installation

A look back at SARL LANGLAIS’s open house.

450 sows farrowing-to-finishing

  • 80 sows in farrowing
  • 320 sows in gestating
  • 4,500 fattening pigs

With its new 1680-place fattening building, SARL LANGLAIS demonstrates its commitment to technology and animal performance.

From birth, each animal is identified by a UHF RFID chip, enabling precise, individualized tracking.

Installation of the Selfifeeder GFI (UHF) the unique solution to feed individually the fatteners in multiphase and restricted way, combined with daily weighing, guarantees optimal feeding and proper growth.

A Pneumatic distribution system with the 8-ways valve is entirely in stainless steel facilitates feed ration management. In addition, a cooling system has been installed to guarantee optimum comfort conditions for the animals.

We would like to thank Jean Michel and Sandrine, and their team, for their trust and warm welcome during this event.

SARL LANGLAIS represents an example of innovation and professionalism in pig farming.


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