Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space

The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their living space. It has been developed using UHF RFID technology and enables the tracking of the animals’ movements in various environments (confined or outdoor living areas) and at different physiological stages. A tracking and data recording software has been designed to collect the movements’ datas, which are then analyzed by algorithms that accurately measure the behavior of individual pigs and groups of pigs.

These algorithms allow for:

– Measuring the time spent by each pig in predefined living zones.
– Monitoring the evolution of zone occupancy.
– Counting the number of zone changes.
– Calculating a pairwise affinity index between pigs.
– Evaluating the duration and time slots for resting and active behaviors.

This tool addresses the research and development needs to assess the impact of the environment, specific modifications, or farming practices on the collective and individual behavior of group-raised pigs.

CAHE 2023. Chengdu !

After 2 years, the Chinese agricultural & Husbandry exhibition restarted at Chengdu city. Without any sanitary restriction for the foreigners and for the visitors, this

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