Optimat Air : Feed + water !

Optimat is the multiphase system of Asserva. It works with a classical disk chain (Optimat Mechanic) or with a pneumatic system, where the feed is pushed by air (Optimat Air). And the Optimat Air can now manage the water distribution !

During the feed distribution, adding water with a personnalized dilution allows to increase feed intake, while between the meals, Optimat distributes just water. To increase the precision, sensors can be add in the troughs, to control and modulate the quantities distributed.

Gilles, farmer in Belgium, explains :

« The Optimat Air feed system, with the water distribution, allows to have very good zootechnical results, especially on feed intake and animal growth. I prepare 16 distributions during the day for every troughs, to have small quantities and always fresh feed ! The sensors allows to control and prepare the quantities very precisely, and automatically. Easy to manage for my employees ! »

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