SELFIFEEDER : 12 years of revolution !

As a lot of customers said « the Selfifeeder creation for the free sow gestations was like the Iphone for the phone users : it was a complete revolution! »

With several troughs available in the same time with maximum 20 sows per station and only one gate to come in and to go out : The Selfifeeder shaked and completly changed the world of the electronic sow feeding solutions.  Adaptable in any size of farms, from family to important farms (50 to 5000 sows). Simplest to install, simplest to use for the sows and for the farmer, the SELFIFEEDER is a unique solution mixing the feeding precision, the simplicity of use and the efficiency.

The TiT system (Trough Inspection Technology) installed in the troughs from the first day enables to improve the feed control and avoid the data mistake found in the existing solutions.

« There was a before and an after this day! »


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