Optimat – The multiphase distribution

With a mechanical or a pneumatic distribution, with or without preparation blending, for dry feed components or wet (corn), the multiphase feeding system enables to meet the complete needs for the feeding distribution in any size and any farm configuration. Increase the growth and improve the feed conversion ratio with feeding cost controlled.

With Optimat system, each feeder receives automatically an exact feed quantity weighted according to the feeding plan programmed. The system prepares and customizes the daily feed quantity per feeder in one or several meals. In order to do this, the system is equipped with two tanks. The first one, receives the raw products, creates and weighs the meal determinated by the software (and blends in option). The second one, under the first one, distributes the meals.

The distribution uses the « Wagon » method, permitting to improve the multiphase function and save time.

The feed distribution into the feeders can be done with mechanical system (chain, auger) or can be done with pneumatic solution (air flow). The choice depends on the precision needed, the distance and the raw products used (dry or wet).

(Photo : Proof farm – Belgium)




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