Unique automatic feeding & watering system for farrowing sows

Materneo concept

Smart feeding and watering system for farrowing sows With a pneumatic dispenser which measure feed with a wheel, each portion is delivered in small doses (150 g) according to the appetite and the ingestion rhythm of the animal. The TIT System (Trough Inspection Technology) in the bottom the trough allows to distribute the feed when the system detects that the trough is empty.

The sows eat at their own pace and appetite according to their feeding curve – with no wasted feed. Each dose is delivered with a water dose. Between the meals, water distribution curves are programmable.

The daily water portion is also delivered in small quantities. Thus, the sow has always fresh water in the trough. These elements encourage the sow consumption for a better lactation.

Global concept for farrowing management, Materneo can even be connected to the silos, to control the feed supply, and to special cameras that can detect the farrowing.

  • Better feeding management for farrowing sows : the wheeled feed dispenser with actuator guarantees precision and reduces maintenance. The warning light on each dispenser allows to easily identify the sows that have not eaten the amount of feed set by the farmer.
  • Feed and water control : the trough is fitted with TIT system (Trough Inspection Technology). It dispenses the next dose of feed only if the previous dose has been eaten: no waste, clean troughs and less frequent cleaning required.
  • Better management with high-performance data base : the entire Materneo system can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Internet. The farrowing rooms can easily be monitored remotely. Thanks to the data from the other Asserva systems, the sow consumption can be followed during its whole life.


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