SMC : an unique way to feed your sows !

More and more, the scientific research demonstrates the benefits of offering an individual feeding to the sows. Before and after artificial insemination, to prepare the sow for the estrus and do flushing. During gestation, to have a sow ready for the farrow, not too lean and not too fat. And of course, after farrowing, to increase the consumption, produce more milk, and keep the sow in good body condition for her next cycle.

The SMC – Sow Meal Control – is a unique tool to individually fed all the sows in individual crate. It allows to give to each sow a quantity of feed adapated to her needs.

How does it work ? During the feed distributions programmed by the farmer, the sow has to touch a smart stirrer to receive doses of feed, until she reaches the quantity set on her feeding curve. To avoid feed waste, the sensititivy of the stirrer, and the time between two doses, can be parametered.

Easy to use, the SMC is working with an innovative NFC box, the same technology used for touch payments contactless payment by credit cards. Just touch the dispenser to see the historics, and change all the parameters ! A simple LED system on this NFC box allows to easily identify the sows in consumption alert.

Totally autonomous, the SMC just requires a 24V power connection to be used. PC centralisation is totally optional. A patented anti-bridging system, installed in the feed hopper, avoids meal feed to be blocked.

Last but not least, now the SMC can also manage the water distribution, during and between feed distributions, with a totally programmable and indidualized dilution ! To ensure that not only feeding is controlled, but also watering, an important factor of success, especially in farrowing rooms, to increase feed consumption. You can learn more about the SMC by visiting the dedicated page on our website.


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