Asserva Liquid feeding system : 40 years of experience always with top technology.

The existence of Asserva starts with the liquid feeding solution. In 1980, based on simple system, Asserva was the first supplier provided the semi-automatic equipment in France.

From 1992, Asserva has is own Mechanic, Electronic and sofware R&D depts enabling to integrate the entire knowledge. Today with long time of experience and with consistence improvements according to the farmer needs, Asserva extends the solutions across the world.

Named Multifeeder, The liquid feeding syste, with different solutions to perfect the farm technical and economical results, Asserva technology is adapted in all size farms and in all specific raw products used. Clearly Asserva with the Multifeeder system is a big serious player in liquid feeding technology.

You can learn more about the Multifeeder by visiting the dedicated page on our website.

Some past projects : 

And more recent installations : 



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