Meet Antoine, our designer

Since more than 7 years now, Antoine Hellec is industrial designer at ASSERVA. you have surely already seen his name which appears on most of our drawings!

He mainly works for the export department: before the sale to make the drawing that will accompany the offer, and also after, to prepare the full layout package, with complete installation drawings for our distributors. As he perfectly knows the ASSERVA solutions, he always have good advices regarding the placing of our systems inside the farm.

Antoine also keeps one foot in the research & development process, by preparing the 3D drawings of the parts that are included in our systems. Last but not least, he works with the method department, to standardize the mechanical and electronical instructions guides of the ASSERVA products.

A few words from Antoine : « This job is interesting because every project is different, and has specific characteristics that need particular attention. I like the fact that since my arrival, we had the opportunity to install our systems in China, Canada, Italy, Spain, and so many other countries… And it’s not finished! »



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