Farm visit in France with a brand new Optimat !

The Asserva sales team was invited to visit an impressive new project, on the farm La Rabardière, in Brielles (France). This 3 000 weaning places building is equipped with the pneumatic Optimat Air multiphase distribution. The Optimat allows to prepare, mix and distribute an individual ration for each feeder, adapted to the age of the animals, with transitions possible between several feeds, to avoid stress and improves digestibility.

This Optimat Air can distribute water with the feed preparation, in order to have a wet feed distribution, with a personnalized dilution. This wet feed improves zootechnical results.

The Optimat allows me to work with extremely low dilution rates, and thus have excellent growth rates. The appetite of animals is truly amazing! ” explains the farmer, Arnaud Brielle.

Arnaud is also building a new farrowing house, with the Materneo feeding and watering system for the sows, opting for a connected farm, ready for tomorrow’s challenges!

You can learn more about the Optimat by visiting the dedicated page on our website.


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