Vraco Distributor

For a consumption responsible without packaging.

The “bulk” consumption mode is defined by the purchase of products without packaging. 

Today, discarded household packaging in France represents 55 kg per capita and per year. An alarming number, which needs to be changed, thanks to this type of concept. It is a small step for mass distribution, a Big step for the 0 waste.

A precursor container

“We thought of an innovative format, practical use, in an approach to waste reduction”.

The container VRACO will be able to propose to the consumers several types of croquettes, for dogs or cats different breeds (sterilized or not).

The croquettes will be stored in hermetic hoppers with a temperature controlled allowing conservation optimal of the products. Connected to the internet via 4G networks the data of the automaton may be consulted by the owners or the merchants in order to have a complete follow-up of purchases and consumption volumes.

We want to offer an experience without packaging that adapts to new consumer trends and it is up to us to ensure that it is satisfactory. VRACO is also a system adapted to a multiplicity of products such as the distribution of pellets or other materials conceivable bulk.


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