Team export news

Documentation (content and accessibility)

A first stage of the technical documentation has been achieved this year, every product has its own construction guide and operation manual.

We are now working on a second level to share the preventive maintenance and the troubleshooting.

The aim of the following month is to make it accessible from everywhere in the world with the last updated version.

Technical support

Partners now have direct access to the technical support with WhatsApp and Wechat. This gives more reactivity for construction advice and solutions for technical issues.


AUSTRIA : maintenance visit for BIOMIN (pig insight for research application)

IRELAND : Commisionning of a Materneo project at Miller Farm, with Reid Engineering

SPAIN : commissioning for a OPTIMAT big capacity around 1kg/s (mixing and distribution) with pneumatique transfer

ITALIA : Optimat with mechanical chain transfert with our partner Officine Sole

Biggest export order left our company last month, a total of ten containers with some specific logistic management as some of the goods left from everywhere in the world.


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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