New Liquid feeding system combined with feed mill unit

“A career project based on the optimization of production costs and the valorization of its products.”

A farm equipped with the Multifeeder concept to manage the sows liquid feed, and automatic dry feed distribution in post-weaning.

The farmer, Arnaud Collette set up in 2017 with his parents on the family farm in Merdrignac, in the Côtes d’Armor region. With the construction of a farrowing buildingof 210 sows and a feed mill unit he launched his career project based on optimizing production costs and the valorization of his products.

Arnaud favored liquid feeding for sows, and automatic dry feeding in post-weaning (Asserva).

The liquid feed MD2 concept from Asserva make it possible to prepare both the large volumes of liquid feed needed for fattening and precision dispensing for small volumes as in farrowing pens.

No multiphase for piglets, but two feeding chains, one per batch (two rooms of 300 places) linked to the silos dedicated to post-weaning. “With a four-batch system, two silos are sufficient to distribute the three feeds needed (during the post weaning duration – 3 types of feed ). The liquid feed system consists of two 1,800-liter tanks. “In the farrowing part, only one tank is used. Its small size, combined with small diameter pipes, allows for precision feeding,” says the breeder. For the larger volumes distributed in gestation and fattening, the two tanks work alternately in preparation and distribution mode, to ensure continuity in the monitoring of meals. “Germain Robillard from Vetagri (feed formula consulting company) was the one who made the decision to manufacture our feed. He also helped us with our stock requirements and established a consumption forecast to organize our soya stock in particular.”

All feeds except for the first age are manufactured in the feed mill built at the same time as the farrowing building. The particularity of the installation is to have the totality of the raw material silos outside the building; the building is only for the heart of the feed mill unit (milling blending and transfer).

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