SCEA DU RIEUX farm – France

We would like to thank our client, Valery BERTRAND – SCEA DU RIEUX for the confidence shown in the Asserva and Asserva Energies team, regarding the installation of equipment in the new
building with 2,100 post-weaning places, with technical rooms and sanitary rooms.

For the heating part, we have set up:

A 200KW condensing gas boiler for:

  • 6 weaning rooms with 350 places using SPIRAFLEX pipes.
  • 93 maternity places with hot water plates.
  • The heating of the technical rooms in underfloor heating 80m2.
  • The production of domestic hot water for the 4 showers.
  • The production of domestic hot water for washing sows.

For the feeding and ventilation part, we have set up:

  • A multiphase mechanical chain Optimat concept, double weighing/mixing tanks.
  • A post-weaning circuit with automatic stainless steel/feeder valves.
  • Regulated air inlet damper in the gable of the building.
  • Economical ventilation with pumping under the grating.
  • General electricity, LED lighting.
  • Asserva double cylinder security windows.

A former soup system has been refurbished with a stainless steel tank, an Asserva pump outside the tank and an automaton multifeeder to manage the Optimat concept, the soup machine and the pre-soup.

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