Reunion Island has now a farm equipped with the Materneo and the Selfifeeder GES

First farm of the island equiped with Maternéo & Selfifeeder GES !
Back in photos to the open house day of June 23, 2022 on the island of Reunion at EARL FERME DU COIN TRANQUILLE at La Chaloupe area.
12 places Maternéo and 4 boxes Selfifeeder GES.
In addition, a mechanical Multiphase Optimat and a feed chain line with manual dispensers are installed. All of it are installed into a new building with centralized ventilation.
An extension of 4 farrowing stalls will be realized at the end of the year to have a final farm of 56 sows.
A big thank to the owner Mr Jeremy BEGUE for this great open house.


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