Open farm day at SCEA DE KERBIC

Thanks to Gilles and Marie Agnès for their welcome and the planning day.

Gilles Fassot is definitely not a breeder like the others. Owner of the Kerbic farm, he began his career in marketing and perfumery. In seven years, he left everything behind to take over the pig farm of his in-laws. Step by step, he made the farm evolve towards reasoned agriculture: livestock on straw, without antibiotics.

The characteristics of the building & equipment:

  • 5 gestation rooms equipped with the Selfifeeder concept (5 sow modules and 2 cochette modules per room).
  • 192 maternity places equipped with the Maternéo concept
  • dosers with automatic opening glassware & infirmary.
  • 1 weighing of animals with pneumatic controlled doors
  • 1 screw compressor
  • Pressure relief ventilation with cooling
  • electricity and LED lighting on dimmer
  • Wifi
  • Heoss gas with circuit

The characteristics of the renewable energy building:

  • 1 boiler Thermigaz Inox Biogaz 180 kw (propane/biogas)
  • 192 nests maternity hot water heating
  • 4 quarantine rooms in Spiraflex room heating
  • 1 production of hot water for washing sows
  • 1 production hot water sanitary showers
  • 75m² of heated floors for sanitary facilities


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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