New installation in SCEA LEHERICEY – FRANCE

Installation in the Manche (50 – France) at SCEA LEHERICEY by our technical partner ATS.

– 84 Materneo dispensers in Farrowing building to replace the existing feeding system.

– 1 new quarantine building with 20 places.

Livestock part :

– 2 post-weaning rooms with 1100 places.

– multiphase feeding system Optimat 2 tanks with stainless steel stirrer and chain disc system.

– air exhaust system under the floor with Economic fans

– LED tube lights

Energy’s part :

– gas condensation boiler type AMC45 – 41KW – propane gas.

– a hot water heating circuit for heating floor.

– heating systems for two rooms with 1100 weaners.

– extension of the hot water circuit for two crates in extra farrowing rooms.

  • natural light provided by several windows at the sides of the building.


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