Multiphase project at new French Pig institute farm (IFIP)

The Romillé experimental station changes their simple dry feeding lines to the Asserva efficient pneumatic distribution technology, for a precision and flexibility improvement.

A high level of feeding system throughout their new farm. This is the choice made by the center experimental IFIP with its new pneumatic distribution system!

An installation equipped with the Optimat concept with a unique pneumatic distribution with eight-way barrel valves. In order to facilitate the feeding precision, IFIP chooses the pneumatic transfer. A choice explained by its capacity to distribute feed meals on more long distances while improving the feed formula homogeneity and limiting the contamination between different formulas. Weighed and blender upstream with the Asserva Optimat system, the feed meal is then distributed through a pipeline network thanks to air industrial surpressor. In the rooms, Asserva eight-way barrel valves with distribution cyclones are using to deliver the feed to each feeder. This Optimat system can use 37 different raw feeds for 272 different feeders to obtain a feed weighing precision of 50 grams.

« You can learn more about Optimat by visiting the dedicated page on our website. »


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