Meet Xavier Cordon

Sure he is a man of experience : Xavier Cordon works for Asserva since more than 30 years ! He is now one of the 3 shareholders of the company, and is the sales manager of the team. His role is to assist and support the salesteam and the Asserva network of distributors, in France and abroad. So it is more than likely that you met him during an exhibition or a visit with one of the export managers !

A few year’s back, Xavier also developed the Spanish and Canadian countries, which are today among the main export markets for the company.

A few words from Xavier : « Progress is only worth if it is shared by all… »

Nigerian delegation

Africa, with 1.3 billion inhabitants (17% of the world’s population – 2.6 billion inhabitants by 2050), represents an huge agricultural potential: agriculture still employs 65%

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