Meet our R&D Project Manager

Since a year and a half, Audrey Gloux, PhD, is R&D Project Manager for Asserva.

Animal welfare, individual feeding and work quality are among pig producers’ challenges for today and tomorrow, and are part of Asserva’s current strategy, as a world leader in providing innovative feeding systems.

Being the link between the academic field and the pig production, Audrey’s role in the company is :

  • To manage R&D projects of the company
  • Making the follow up of projects conducted in collaboration with state-of-the art experimental farms
  • To manage and follow zootechnical R&D trials in the field
  • Based on the R&D trials to help optimizing specific algorithms and design of precision-feeding systems
  • To provide scientific resources for marketing purposes

Regarding her professional background, Audrey worked 3 years for Neovia (ADM group) as a Research Scientist Prospective and Innovation, and she holds a PhD in poultry physiology from the University of Tours and conducted in INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research in France), in 2019.


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