Meet Mr Philippe VANNIER, head of the Electrotechnics department

Philippe started to work for ASSERVA in 1992, as an electrical technician. Focused to make general electrical cabinet and electrical infrastructure rehabilitation, Philippe was also on site into the farms.

In 1996, he moved to the electrotechnics department to make the electrotechnic cabinets for the new installations. 10 years later, in 2016, Philippe took the responsability of this department.

With 4 peoples in charge of, the department makes the cabinets according to the needs of the farmers. 400 cabinets leaves the department each year. « Our service makes the connexion between the soft and the mechanical part, our job is always personnalized. That’s why it is so interesting ! From 5 years, the size and the automation levels of farms are more and more important.On that’s way our work improves with bigger and more complexe cabinets. We cannot rest on our laurels ! That’s why we like our job, in always evolution ! »


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