Meet Damien, our R&D Manager

Damien Monsimert works for Asserva since 25 years. He is the R&D manager of the electronic and informatic department. His role is to coordinate the R&D efforts of the team, to follow the differents R&D projects, and to track the last innovations in the electronic and informatic fields. He is the mind behind the main innovations of Asserva, such as Materneo and Selfifeeder.

Damien has connections with research institutes and experimental farms, in order to ensure that the Asserva products answer the zootechnical needs of the animals.

He is currently working on the development of new individual feeding systems, you will heard about them soon !

A word from Damien : « In contrary to popular belief, the farming industry is full of new technologies, such as AI, big data, and precision electronics. Of course, these technologies should be at the service of the animal and the farmer. This the core of the R&D work of Asserva ! »


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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