Mario Mathieu farm (Quebec – Canada)

By the end of the decade at the latest, all the pig farms in Canada will have to follow the new regulations regarding animal welfare. In particular, gestating sows will have to be housed in group, just like they are in Europe. Farmers are looking for innovative feeding solutions to manage their sows, for their gestating and farrowing unit.

In this context, Mario Mathieu is installing the MATERNEO system in its farowing house in Sainte-Sophie de Levrard (Quebec). MATERNEO is the only system in themarket that can manage individually and precisely the feeding and watering of lactating sows. Its unique sensors, at the bottom of the trough, manages the distribution of the feed and water, in small and always fresh doses. No more feed wasted and troughs to clean ! MATERNEO is the guarantee of an optimum lactation, for heavier and more homogenous piglets, and sows more than ready for their next cycle !

As always, our partner Jolco, the dealer of Asserva in the region of Quebec, is responsible for the sale, installation and maintenance of this project.

You can learn more about the MATERNEO by visiting the dedicated page on our website.

Pictures from other Materneo farms


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