Logimat – China

The ASSERVA development in China still going in the good way, the chinese farmers and the the chinese livestock companies request new solutions and high technologies. ASSERVA company takes market shares. The biosecurity and the feed cost saving are the main topics at this period. One of the national livestock company leader chose ASSERVA solution « LOGIMAT » system to transfer automaticly the feeds from the silo site to each building silo. The LOGIMAT system permits by Air pressure system to transfer via PC the feed to a long distance ( until 400 m) with high feed flow (until 4 tons per hour). In this unit, the LOGIMAT system transfers from 12 departure silos to 23  destination silos. The air pressure system permits to avoid any contamination between 2 typs of feed, the transfer pipes are always empty between 2 distributions. The LOGIMAT system, with its software permits the operator to select the silo to use to load destination silo. The distribution will stop according to a sensor installed in each destination silo : « An efficient system with a simple using » 

Thanks to the customer for choosing the ASSERVA solution.


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