Huge liquid feeding system installation, Guangdong province : 20 000 Fatteners on floors !

After some weeks of installation, the liquid feeding system for 20 000 fatteners is now under commissioning by our chinese ASSERVA technician. The system is divided in 2 parts with 2 kitchens.

One kitchen will deliver 100 000 L of soup every day with the MD2 technology. 2 preparation/distribution tanks will be used to feed the animals. Even with this important quantities to distribute ASSERVA insures an high level a precision in distribution. Our distribution pump is equipped with frequency controller managed automatically according to the quantities and the distance of each trough. We will keep you updated with technical results and videos. According to our experience in an other chinese fattening building equipped, the feed conversion ratio was going down from 2.9 to 2.46 ! We are sure that this liquid feeding system will have the same impact.


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