Golden Pig Awards 2022 – Spain

Nearly 800 professionals from the agricultural sector, farmers, veterinarians, representatives of public administrations, associations, universities and companies, gathered in Toledo, Spain, for the Grand Gala of the Golden Pigs.

An event rewarding the excellence of the Spanish pig sector, its results, its professionalism and its research and development.

The event was organised by the IRTA with the support of Zoetis and Interporc and was marked by an Award for the Asserva’s client, Porgaor farm, which won first prize in the category of farms with more than 2,000 sows, with a prolificacy of 38.68 weaned piglets per sow.

Name of the client: MIGUEL ANGEL ORTIZ

Company name: PORGAOR SL

Farm information : 2600 sows (farrowing and post-weaning)

Farrowing places: 660

Equipment Asserva:

Optimat Air : Post-weaning pneumatic distribution of feed / see on the website :

Maternéo : connected feeding for farrowing units / see on the website :

Digiclim NG: post-weaning and nursery regulated ventilation / see on the website :


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