Ghent University – BELGIUM

Asserva fitted at ghent university, with 10 aqualab stations with animal weighing.

The building consist of 10 crate of 15 piglets.
The piglets will be brought in at 7 kgs and will come out at 25, 30 kgs
The station allows you to:
• Individually control the weight of the animals thanks to a scale integrated into the station
• Individually control the quantity of water consumed thanks to meters on the station precise to …

This control is possible thanks to the fact that the piglets are chipped. RFID chips.

Photo :

  • Dr. Jeroen Degroote – Department of Animal Sciences and Aquatic Ecology
  • Michel Loicq – Veterinary Nohow
  • Dimitri – Research technician
  • Devi Ban – Project Engineer Asserva
  • Mathieu Soulabaille – Sales representative Asserva

Nigerian delegation

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