Connected Organic farm

On Friday, April 1st, Arnaud JOLLY, breeder in Plaintel (22) opened the doors of his farm to present his new 1200 places fattening building.

Building on straw BIO model with outside runs. Parks of 200 pigs equipped with RFID chips (radio identification).

  • 36 GFI stations (individualized feeding control station).
  • 6 sorting stations.
  • Pneumatic multiphase for the feeding of the GFI selfifeeder hoppers.

The large number of visitors had the opportunity to discover the Multiphase system as well as the new Asserva concept, the GFI Selfifeeder. The solution to feed individually rationed pigs in multiphase.

Nigerian delegation

Africa, with 1.3 billion inhabitants (17% of the world’s population – 2.6 billion inhabitants by 2050), represents an huge agricultural potential: agriculture still employs 65%

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