Commissioning of the Pig-Insight in the new National Pig Unit (Leeds – UK)

The new state-of-the-art National Pig Unit is located in Leeds (United Kingdom), and is, as stated in the University of Leeds website, « a leading research facility for pig nutrition, behaviour, health and production system research. » This new unit increased the capacity of the farm from 200 to 660 sow.

In the weaners unit of the farm, the pens are fitted with the Pig-Insight connected feeders and drinkers, which allows to individually follow and manage water and feed consumption. A weighing system installed on the drinkers also makes it possible to register and follow the growth of the animals over the time.

Pig-Insight is available for piglets in farrowing units (weight control), weaning and finishing pigs (weight, feed and water control), allowing to have a complete traceability during the whole life of the animal.

Moreover, using an innovative algorithm developed with the IFIP (French Institute of Pig), Pig-Insight can also detect pathologies early and individually, to contribute to improve the sanitary conditions of the rooms.

More than 100 Pig-Insight systems are already running in France and abroad.

You can learn more about Pig-Insight by visiting the dedicated page on our website.


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