Asserva Webinar

Asserva to be closer and closer to their dealers and the farmers will organize technical webinars.

With our zoo-technical manager Audrey GLOUX, PhD Asserva Provides more than equipment, but a complete solution to improve the farm benefits. Each webinar will detail specific elements and specific cases with standard researches.

The webinars will be planned per geographical area. This first event will be organize for Eastern Europe. The topics of the first event will be regarding the lactation sow. In partnership with MG2MIX, independent French premix producer, specialized in premix manufacturing and advising in animal nutrition. Julien Tissier, swine nutrition expert will give complete elements regarding the sow nutrition during the lactation. This events will be also a time to discuss and share the different experiences. You will be inform by email regarding the exact date and time.


Individual monitoring of animal behavior in their living space The Pig Move is an innovative tool designed to monitor the individual pig movement in their

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